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We have a large selection of re-claimed wood removed from homes, cabins and barns throughout Western North Carolina. Through the years, we have had the opportunity to acquire many structures of historical significance which has provided some hard to find lumber species and sizes that we can now offer to our customers.

  • Walker Cabin from Rush Fork Gap. Originally constructed by Stephen Walker in 1875 with an addition added in 1925. This home provided wide wormy chestnut boards from the interior that had never been exposed to the weather along with Chestnut, Oak, and Poplar logs, original doors with wooden spring latches, original fireplace mantels and an old loom that had been sealed up in the attic.

  • Former Sunburst Logging Company Black Cherry Lumber. The trees producing this lumber were originally cut by Sunburst in the early 1930's. The logs were submerged in the lake at Sunburst until 1954 when they were removed and sawn into slabs of lumber of various thickness, widths and lengths. The slabs were then stacked to dry in a barn on the property until they were purchased by us in 2003.  Sizes of these Black Cherry slabs range from 2 1/2 inches to 6 inches in thickness, 6 inches to 26-1/2 inches in width and 8 foot to 16 foot in length.  The largest piece measures 26 1/2" in width, 6 inches wide and 16 foot long. This piece would make someone a one-of-a-kind bar or counter top. Lumber such as this is impossible to find. Black Cherry trees that could produce a board 26 ½ inches wide do not exist today.

  • Slave cabin measuring approximately 17' x 18' made of Oak and Poplar hand-hewn logs. The hand-hewn logs are 4"-6" deep and 8" wide. Logs have been cataloged and numbered for re-erection.

  • Haywood Institute in Clyde. This large wood framed structure was built in 1893 and served as a Christian boarding school until 1927. This structure provided an abundance of heart pine flooring, bead board paneling, ladder back doors, antique hardware, light fixtures and old wavy glass.

  • Liner Company store at Lake Junaluska. This structure provided a treasure trove of such things as old coal and gas stoves in original wooden shipping crates, wooden nail cask, metal glass bottle crates, old hardware, etc.

We have an abundance of re-claimed material in stock to choose from including;

  • Wormy Chestnut lumber in all widths, thickness and lengths along with Virgin Chestnut, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Red and White Oak, Poplar and Pine.

  • Hand-hewn Chestnut, Oak, Poplar and Pine beams in all sizes.

  • Turn of the century ladder back doors, barn doors, windows in multiple sizes, all kinds of door and window hardware and full sheets of re-claimed barn and cabin roofing tin, wooden barrel cask, coal and gas stoves, etc.

  • Horse drawn farm equipment including, seeders, cultivators, plows, harrows and wagon wheels.

  • Re-Finished Claw foot tubs, light fixtures, fireplace mantels and cabinets and shelving.


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